Back at School and feeling like a Loser? It could be all in your head. Read this Middle Schooler’s Story and his Conclusions


So, I walked into my first period class of the school year all Hollywood-like thinking I’m the real G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time).

I found myself an uncomfortable seat at the back of the room, surveyed my surroundings in point 2-5 seconds, and came up with a quick assessment of my peers.



I don’t know why, but my mind just went there.  I was throwing shade for absolutely no good reason other than to feel better about myself.  It wasn’t cool.
I shook my head of my callous thoughts, uncrossed my arms and straightened up my posture in hopes to give off a cool, ‘hey, come holla at me,’ vibe. Well, It didn’t work!  No one said boo to me. Then I thought, maybe they think I’M the loser.  It seemed impossible with my swaggy style and finesse, but what if…???
I started thinking about the pimples currently invading my face, the two giant chiclets bucking out from under my top lip and my last Instagram post that only got 5 likes, and I slowly began shrinking down in my seat.



An awkward feeling came over me as I thought about the long list of things that could make me look like a loser.


1. My earbuds lead to no phone.


2. I’m lacking serious muscle definition.


3. My runners are from the very popular ‘no name’ brand.


4. Puberty is hitting me really hard in the forehead area.


5. My two front teeth say “HELLO” before I do.


6. I have to wear this whack superhero backpack for the third year in a row cause my mom said it was perfectly fine since there weren’t any holes in it.


Then out of nowhere a heard a voice say,
then another say,
and another say,
I didn’t answer yes or no to that one cause it could be true – if you add up all my points from my last twenty games.
Anyways, what’s important here, is that peeps were talking to me!  Bad skin, buck teeth and all!


In that moment I realized 3 things.

1.  I didn’t give enough credit to my fellow MG’s.  Things I thought made me a loser didn’t seem to matter to them at all.  It was all in my head.

2.  Even if peeps crack on how I look or on the fact my shoes are brand-less – TOO BAD!  That’s who I am and that’s what I got, SO DEAL WITH IT!

3.  If we MGs look past all that outer stuff and get to know the next middle-grader for who they really are, then maybe we’ll find out they are cool as ever.


Point is, a good attitude TRUMPS a stink one even if the stink one has the latest Air Jordans on. Let’s stop getting so caught up on all the outside stuff and focus on things like manners and respect (our generation is seriously lacking in this area).  And no, my mom didn’t tell me to write that!
So MGs, if you see someone you think might be a ‘loser,’ go holla at them anyway.  Who knows, they may turn out to be your bestest friend ever.


A Little About Me:
I work from home grinding it out as a mother, wife, author, party planner, and blogger. My family inspires me and creativity drives me.

I created The Loser Blog for middle-grade students, from a middle-grade perspective, but the tips and suggestions can be useful to individuals of all ages, especially to parents who struggle to find ways to help their kids deal with failure in all aspects of their life.

While I’m obviously not a middle schooler, I’ve had two children already go through it, one currently in it, nieces and nephews with tons of stories about it, plus my own experiences can account for endless tales, both good and bad, regarding it.

Other facts about me…I like to think I’m athletic since my husband and kids are (but I’m not), I prefer cleaning over cooking, and I have an unusual addiction to carrots (not the baby ones, they have to be full grown). Mmmm, yummy beta-carotene!

 Back at School and feeling like a Loser? It could be all in your head. Read this Middle Schooler’s Story and his Conclusions

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