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A Little About Me:
I work from home grinding it out as a mother, wife, author, party planner, and blogger. My family inspires me and creativity drives me.

I created The Loser Blog for middle-grade students, from a middle-grade perspective, but the tips and suggestions can be useful to individuals of all ages, especially to parents who struggle to find ways to help their kids deal with failure in all aspects of their life.

While I’m obviously not a middle schooler, I’ve had two children already go through it, one currently in it, nieces and nephews with tons of stories about it, plus my own experiences can account for endless tales, both good and bad, regarding it.

Other facts about me…I like to think I’m athletic since my husband and kids are (but I’m not), I prefer cleaning over cooking, and I have an unusual addiction to carrots (not the baby ones, they have to be full grown). Mmmm, yummy beta-carotene!

 Free Poster Download

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