Nobody Goes Undefeated All The Time

Guess who choked over and over again but kept getting better and never gave up? Yep, it’s the one and only Michael Jordan!


So, we all know Michael Jordan is clutch at the game of basketball and that he pretty much set in motion a level of bball that every wanna-be-baller strives to get to.  But sometimes when we’re watching his greatness spill all over the court, we totally forget that he did some major losing along the way.  Like for instance, did you know that in 2002 during the NBA All-Star game, Michael Jordan got a steal and on the way to a clear path to the basket he tried to dunk the ball and missed?  Uh huh, even the great ‘airness’ himself misses dunks too.  But Jordan didn’t ball rage or hide his head in shame.  With the world watching, the legend continued to be a legend and laughed it off and joked about it with the other players.
Another example of a fail for Jordan was in 1997, during a playoff game.   Jordan put up 35 shots and made only 9 of them, he only had 1 assist and he missed all 8 of his shots from the three-point line.  Now, those kinds of stats can make any athlete want to run and hide in their mother’s arms and cry, “mama!”  but it didn’t phase my man MJ.   He went on, with his team, to get the big W in that championship series.   Now dab on that!
This last example is for all you MGs who want to try something new but are too afraid to.  After Jordan retired in 1993 he decided to take on a new goal and that was to become a minor league baseball player.  He put in lots of work to get himself ready to face this new challenge but unfortunately, it didn’t go as he thought it might.  He batted .202 and struck out 114 times which basically means he didn’t do so great.  The thing is though, he tried, and in this world trying is the only way to know if you’re going to be good at anything.



Three key things to remember MGs:
1. Try new things all the time even if you’re feeling scared, because you never know what hidden talents you may find.  Even if you fail, at least you know you tried.
2.  Have GOALS.  Lots and lots of goals and once you’ve reached them make more.  It may take you longer to reach some than others or you may have to tweak the goal a bit but never give up on trying to level up in all you do.
3.  When you lose a game, especially when you love that game with all your heart, never look at that loss as a personal defeat or that your life is a complete flop.  At the end of the day, it’s a game and games always produce winners and losers.  Both sides work hard to snatch that crown and losing doesn’t take away from the hard work you put in.



So, like Michael Jordan, we have to learn from all the crappy, kill your self-esteem floppage that comes our way and dive back in with a positive attitude.   Just work your butt off to get to your end goals, keeping in mind we can’t all be the next Michael, we can only be the best that our talents allow us to be.

A Little About Me:
I work from home grinding it out as a mother, wife, author, party planner, and blogger. My family inspires me and creativity drives me.

I created The Loser Blog for middle-grade students, from a middle-grade perspective, but the tips and suggestions can be useful to individuals of all ages, especially to parents who struggle to find ways to help their kids deal with failure in all aspects of their life.

While I’m obviously not a middle schooler, I’ve had two children already go through it, one currently in it, nieces and nephews with tons of stories about it, plus my own experiences can account for endless tales, both good and bad, regarding it.

Other facts about me…I like to think I’m athletic since my husband and kids are (but I’m not), I prefer cleaning over cooking, and I have an unusual addiction to carrots (not the baby ones, they have to be full grown). Mmmm, yummy beta-carotene!

 Nobody Goes Undefeated All The Time

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